Orion Refund Policy

Customer acknowledges that the cost of the move contained in this contract is an estimate only, and that the carrier shall determine the actual cost after the truck is weighed. Customer agrees to pay Orion Van Lines the total charges for moving services contracted for herein. Customer understands that the deposit(s)/fee(s) represent only a portion of the total estimated moving charges, and that the deposit(s)/fee(s) are only refundable minus an $89.95 cancel fee if, at least 10 business days prior to the original pack or load dates (whichever applies) listed on the estimate/order for service. Date changes do not nullify nor extend the cancellation agreement or time frame from the original dates.


Orion Van Lines

(1) receives written notice at its address listed on the estimate/order for service via certified mail, return receipt requested, and

(2) Notification by telephone at 888-929-6688 of Customers intent to cancel this contract, and

(3) the issuance of a cancellation number to customer. All credit card refunds are processed for your next billing statement. I am aware that failure to comply with this cancellation and refund policy shall result in the forfeiture of the entire deposit(s)/fee(s) paid.