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Professional Corporate Relocation Services

Orion Van Lines Corporate Relocation

Orion Van Lines brings over 30 years of experience in corporate relocation. We know that every family is different, and so are their expectations about moving. Orion Van Lines is sensitive to the needs of each family member who relocates.

At the heart of our dedication to corporate relocation are integrity, quality and solutions. These values support everything we do; they are the promises we make to every customer.

Corporate Relocation For Recruiting

Orion Van Lines understands relocation can be an effective tool to attract and retain quality people. Orion provides a full spectrum of transportation services for corporate relocation, including traditional van line moves, Smart Move solutions, and affordable options for employees with a lump sum benefit. These are some of the ways Orion Van Lines helps employees feel good about the decision to relocate. Our company provides comprehensive services for domestic and global corporate relocation.

Corporate Relocation as a Benefit

For a company, corporate relocation represents an investment in the organization. For employees, a relocation benefit can be as decisive as considerations for retirement and insurance. Orion Van Lines brings experience to help firms get the most from their transportation budgets. For example, we offer advice on how companies can save money on transportation, as well as potential tax advantages. Managing a corporate relocation benefit can be complicated. But Orion offers the people and tools to make it simple for our clients.

Orion Van Lines: Best Friend for Corporate Relocation

Orion Van Lines works with companies of all sizes, across all industries, to provide cost-effective solutions for corporate relocation. We bring proven experience to every client we serve. We help them make relocation a worthwhile investment in the future of their people and their business.